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My name is Jamie Morgan and I'm really excited to announce the launch of our new advisor business Origin8.

The directors of Origin8 have over 20 years experience working with public sector bodies (local authorities, housing associations, the NHS etc), which means we understand and can bring forward public sector grant to help make schemes viable at an affordable level, whilst retaining Value For Money (VFM) for our clients. 


This is all part of the specialist service we provide to our clients, bridging the gap between institutional buyers and sellers of residential real estate. 

More about Origin8

Origin8 is a real estate advisor with a difference.

Not only because we specialise in working with (and understanding) the public sector, but more importantly because of our work ethic.

Origin8 is a new breed of agency, always doing what we say, working hard finding ways to make deals happen and leveraging technology to maximise value wherever we can.

We go beyond just "brokering"... we get into the heart of each deal and work hard to help our clients secure funding, both private capital and government grants to ensure deals complete on time. 

Our business is demand driven, and our success is based on our successful track record and long-standing relationships with institutional buyers and sellers.

We work on schemes of various sizes, locations, tenures and specification. Ranging from 10 units of accommodation through to 150 units. Our schemes can be used for a range of tenures, from affordable housing, shared ownership, BTR through to PRS. We deliver projects right across the UK.

Buying Agents

We buy land, developments and buildings for different public sector bodies, social impact and affordable housing funds and housing associations across the UK.

For developers and landowners, we help navigate the often complex, bureaucratic processes involved in selling to (or buying from) Local Authorities, NHS, housing associations and indeed institutional real estate investors.

When buying we can structure deals in different ways, from forward funding to forward purchases. We can help bring in grant funding where required to meet viability shortfalls.

Selling Agents

We work with Local Authorities on their land and asset disposal programmes, bringing sites to market, with and without planning.

We also help our clients structure sale and lease back arrangements, as well as outright sale.


Contact us to discuss schemes you may be looking to sell or buy.

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