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Sourcing of Land and Development Sites

We identify land or development opportunities to meet our client's housing needs. We run financial appraisals, and help our client's access funding as required (both public sector grants and private development capital). 

We maximise our industry networks and relationships and underpin that with technology to maximise our ability to find the right deal for our clients.

Because we put so much work into each project in advance, we have a much higher success rate of closing deals than your regular agent. 


Asset Disposals

Our directors have long established relationships with housing associations, local authorities, developers and landowners.

This means we are often the first port of call to help with land and asset disposal strategies, often exclusive, off-market instructions.


We also work with portfolio landlords looking to bulk-sell tenanted or vacant housing to institutional buyers. 



We use smart tech (including GPT-style AI), to identify land and development opportunities, which others, using traditional search methods, may miss.

Our technology also helps us run sophisticated financial appraisals of schemes, for different tenures, with and without grant subsidy. This is often the critical factor that can make a non-viable scheme, work for all parties. 


Funding (including public sector grant)

We specialise in combining public and private sector funding to make sites viable and create Value for Money for our clients. 

We actively engage in the private capital markets to ensure we can help deliver funding packages that will see developments transact successfully. 

Funding structures that we have successfully arranged have included:

  • Development finance (senior, junior, mezz, bridging)

  • Forward funding

  • Forward purchasing

  • Public sector co-investments

  • Sale and lease back 

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